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Education: Avinash Gupta Sukhdev Vihar Flats

Updated: Oct 11, 2021


Avinash Gupta was not a very good student at first; he had average grades in school, but he is always described as a bright student willing to learn everything about literature and science. Naveen's Kumar education was amazing as he earned two graduate degrees.

Avinash Gupta moved on to St. Joseph's College in Delhi after graduating from Sukhdev Higher Secondary School, where he completed his intermediate. After this, he went to Delhi, where he got a degree in Literature. After earning his bachelor's degree in literature, Avinash Gupta moved to Delhi to pursue a master's degree in science at the Delhi Institute of Technology.


In school, Naveen witnessed different methods, which he learned from the hardworking teachers of literature. He learned the nature of literature and showed a lot of interest in this particular subject. Naveen was quite a different student, he learned literature in his unique way, and teachers were impressed with him. Teachers of Avinash Gupta used to say that he was a brilliant student and his energy towards literature was amazing. He used to miss other classes and take literature classes with other sections. He enjoyed every second of his class and always asked teachers if they can keep evaluating the novel for a little longer.

His research on science during his graduation was brilliant. He worked in many fields of sciences and mainly focused on the core of the study. His amazing performance and work made him the best student of the entire university. He mastered literature and science in much less time because of his sharp mind and interest in these fields. He has given many speeches in different seminars for faculty development and students at numerous universities, these speeches had an impact, and the way it was presented by Naveen was brilliant.

Avinash Gupta explained literature in such a way that you can study every topic with imagination; there are different elements in his education such as history, science, etc. His extraordinary brain made him the best student at his university. He learned a lot about literature in his early days; that's why he became a teacher. Naveen wanted to explain literature in a better way so students can learn literature with fun.


As an English Literature student, Avinash Gupta is frequently asked what profession his degree would lead to, especially because the career route may appear less apparent than a vocation-based study like Nursing or Law. He believes that studying something you like is the most effective approach to move toward a profession you will enjoy. Many Literature students are lured to the communications sector because it offers some extremely interesting and creative professions.

Journalism, public relations (PR), advertising, and teaching are all typical careers for English Lit graduates.

After teaching for quite a while, Naveen wanted to explore the scientific world. He claimed that many breakthroughs are run by science; without science, nothing can work properly. His bachelor of science degree helped in explore and investigate the deepest parts of science knowledge. His university taught him many science courses, and he had always had an interest in science. He completed his goal by earning his Science degree, which helped him in his education and provided him the chance to work for the best organizations.

His enrollment in the Science degree program was to show the commitment he had for Science. He improved his professional skills by earning this Bachelor of Science degree. This degree in his education developed essential personal qualities in him; these skills helped him a lot in his future. The major things which he learned in his BSc degree were life, business, space, technology, and natural sciences.

Avinash Gupta was always ready for discussions and debates in his class; these two strategies helped him receive good marks. According to him, it's worth noting if you don't properly research the desired subject. His skills of proper researching on science subjects and literature helped him reach his goals. He was considered an excellent student in his university because of the brilliant projects he had presented.

In the university, Avinash Gupta always evaluated science and asked tricky questions to his professors. He always asked about the modalities of evaluation in science; he wanted good responses from his professors so he can learn science in a better way. He had that interest that made him successful. His marks in module examinations and tests were brilliant. Students run away from practical work, but Avinash loved to work practically. His interest in practical work showed that he’s an amazing student. He was doing double majors and learning the most popular and difficult kind of science.

Avinash had a strategy he used to improve his time management skills and plan his day so that he can create a good balance between home, job, and study. He kept himself a well-organized student throughout his hard university time; he kept on track throughout the exam period and organized his priorities. This helped him to lower his stress levels and achieve success in his Science degree.

Naveen set out 8-10 hours each day for working, learning, and anything else he had to accomplish. He devoted 40 hours per week t university study as a full-time student; he also attended many seminars and lectures. He used extra solo 20 hours to study to learn extra and become successful.

From student to teacher

Avinash Gupta always wanted to be a professor, so he has always provided skills and techniques to many students. He has the following techniques:

• Take his students on a science expedition or vacation

• Watch different science videos with the class

• Conduct a scientific experiment for a practical mindset.

Avinash Gupta was also a student once, so he learned a lot from his teachers. His three most successful teaching and learning strategies are as follows:

• There will be a proper discussion or debate in the classroom

• Students will observe the teacher and write notes

• There will be an activity conducted in every class.

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