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Avinash Gupta on Sukhdev Vihar Flats: Noise Pollution Situation

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Noise pollution in Sukhdev Vihar is increasing day by day. Avinash Gupta has highlighted the main factors, causes, and solutions for noise pollution in this area. He said that it could cause a huge loss to the people living in the Sukhdev Vihar colony. He has much concern for this area because he too belongs to this place. Avinash Gupta shared his views on high noise levels in Sukhdev Vihar.

He said that the locality of Sukhdev Vihar is crowded too much with people. There is the hustle and bustle all around. People are very much tired and sometimes ill at the end of the day. Avinash Gupta said that all this is due to the high noise, toxic air, and unbearable environmental conditions in this area. He tells everything about the noise condition in Sukhdev Vihar.

Permissible Noise Levels in Sukhdev Vihar:

Avinash Gupta also shared his views on the acceptable noise levels in Sukhdev Vihar. He said that the noise level varies in different areas of Sukhdev Vihar.

The industrial area in Sukhdev Vihar has permission for 75db at daytime and 70dB at night.

The commercial area in Sukhdev Vihar has permission for 65dB at daytime 55dB at night.

The residential area in Sukhdev Vihar has permission for 55dB at daytime and 45dB at night.

Avinash Gupta also said that the noise level above this range contributes to noise pollution in Sukhdev Vihar. It leads to various health problems.

Noise Pollution Effects:

Avinash Gupta told us about the noise pollution in Sukhdev Vihar. He made us aware of the effect on humans caused due to noise pollution. It can lead to various health problems. Noise pollution in Sukhdev Vihar is emerging nowadays more. It can lead to various physiological, psychological problems. The effects of noise pollution in Sukhdev Vihar are prominent in people during outdoor chores. Noise pollution can lead to the following effects on people:

• Cardiovascular diseases

• Headache

• Tinnitus

• Hearing loss

• Hypertension

These harmful effects are caused by a high level of noise in Sukhdev Vihar. Avinash Gupta highlighted the shortcomings for the government to consider and take preventive measures.

When sound causes interruption, it becomes painful and contributes to noise pollution. Avinash Gupta also showed concern for the labor working in the industries. This is because he said that laborers are at the possible risk of noise pollution damage. On-site working people in industries or outdoor are more likely to suffer from hearing loss. He also said that the people of Sukhdev Vihar are going through much mental distress due to high sound levels.

Sources of Noise Pollution in Sukhdev Vihar:

There are many sources that contribute to noise pollution everywhere. Avinash Gupta said that the main causes of noise pollution in Sukhdev Vihar are:

• High transportation noise

• Loud music

• Heavy machinery

• High construction sounds

• Turbines and generators

Avinash Gupta also mentioned that these factors should be reduced or improvised to reduce the high noise levels in Sukhdev Vihar. A huge amount of noise pollution is caused due to big machinery in industrial sectors.

How to Cope Up with High Noise Pollution:

Avinash Gupta suggested that noise pollution can be reduced in Sukhdev Vihar. He told best preventive measures to eradicate this big problem. He said that there could be sound tubes placed in the city to reduce the roadway noise. Spray foams or noise reduction tools can also be used in vehicles and buildings to combat noise pollution. Furthermore, he said that noise barriers could be inserted t eliminate the high levels of noise. Various noise control technologies designed by engineers can be used to reduce the noise level in various fields. Machinery can be made of light and audible sound.

He said that the labor in Sukhdev Vihar is having continuous exposure to high sound levels. They are above the audible sound range. He claimed that if we successfully control noise pollution, we can succeed in all the daily life matters. It will have a positive physical and behavioral impact.

Noise Pollution Impacts on Various Organisms in Sukhdev Vihar:

Avinash Gupta stated that he is not only concerned about the effects of the high noise level in humans. He said that high sound above the audacity level could harm animals too. The wildlife is also badly impacted due to noise pollution in Sukhdev Vihar. Animals can lose their ability to communicate or find their food due to any mental distress caused by high noise. So noise pollution is not only harmful to human beings, but it can affect other living things also. It also greatly impacts marine animals, especially whales and dolphins, to find their food. Noise pollution can easily harm the living beings in Sukhdev Vihar.


At last, he concluded his views about noise pollution in Sukhdev Vihar by saying that it must be controlled. Various noise eradicating measures should be taken. He said we have to stand together for this noble cause and ask the government to work for it. The government should consider this issue and improve the condition of high noise levels in Sukhdev Vihar. He also said that he is very concerned for all the people living there as he has affection for this area. This is because Avinash Gupta also belongs to Sukhdev Vihar and has emerged as a scientist and great civilian from this area. That is why he wants to look at this colony as an emerging and exceptional area to offer daily chores.

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