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Avinash Gupta on Sukhdev Vihar Flats Property Rates

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Avinash Gupta from Sukhdev Vihar is a famous figure of India who has been a part of different development organizations. Naveen is also a member of the defence department who completed his graduation from the Vihar Institute of Technology. Right after completing his graduation, he did a lectureship. He spent his life in literature and has shared his knowledge and expertise with students as a literature professor.

Avinash was born back on December 10, 1960, in Sukhdev Vihar near the region of Okhla in South East New Delhi. Naveen’s father was an owner of the local boat, and his mother was a housewife. Naveen got his hospitality qualities in his genes from his parents because his father was a hardworking person who used to help numerous Hindu people with his boat, making their travel easier. Talking about his family, Naveen has two sisters and two brothers, and he is the youngest one among all.

Naveen completed his secondary education from Sukhdev Higher Secondary school, and after graduating, he joined St. Josephs College in Delhi. Afterwards, he went to the University of Delhi, where he got a Literature degree back in 1984.

Avinash Gupta Sukhdev Vihar by profession and social services

Naveen is a literature professor and has taught in many institutes. His experience and vast knowledge made him a good teacher. This is the reason that makes students and youngsters search for Naveen’s lectures even still today.

Naveen worked with multiple political parties in India for a long time. His passion for his work and enthusiasm towards the country helped him be a well-known personality quickly. All these factors make Avinash Gupta an ideal personality for the youngsters to learn lessons from his journey and how committed he was to his homeland.

Above all, Avinash Gupta, Sukhdev Vihar also got the highest Indian Civilian award because of his exceptional services for the homeland in every sector: education, development, civilization, technology, and much more.

Social and Economic Development

Besides his all the services as a professor, Naveen also played an important role in social and economic development. He arranges many medical camps in the country to help underprivileged people with their good welfare and healthcare. Moreover, he also raised a voice for the high property rates in Sukhdev Vihar, mentioning that it is one of the most underdeveloped areas of the country and property rates should be lower compared to other regions so people can live in their houses. He became popular because of his efforts and helped his country get different achievements to generate handsome money.

Property rates in Sukhdev Vihar

The property rates in Vihar keep changing, which makes investors act according to the latest market movements. Besides all his services as a professor, Avinash Gupta has also helped the country take many development decisions. He took part in different social activities in different regions of India, such as arranging medical camps, helping poor people financially, education development, and much more. One of his was about urging authorities and stakeholders of Sukhdev Vihar to lower the property rates for the residents and making higher for the investors. This is how residents will live in their own houses, whereas the region will have economic growth by more investors over time.

Naveen Sukhdev wanted to see every person in the country live a happy life with his family in his own house. He also urged raising the rates for the tourists because that ultimately increases the growth and value of the region. However, the residents of this region will get benefit from this economic revenue in the area.

Furthermore, suburban cities have lower properties rates as compared to urban megacities. Avinash Gupta proposes to shift main corporate offices to designated corporate parks outside the city's jurisdictions. This will keep the high property rates within control for the residents to purchase. The high prices of real estate are due to the multi-national corporations renting properties for their staff. They scout for the location with keeping one main factor: reachability. Reachability refers to the location to which employees can easily locate, and potential clients are accessible. As Sukhdev Vihar is a centrally located area in Southeast Delhi, therefore, it attracts the attention of these corporations to rent a place for their corporate dealings. This creates competition, which as a result, inflates the property rates. Therefore, if corporates are given a designated space, property rates will go down in Sukhdev Vihar.

Another proposal given by Avinash Gupta is creating a price regulating authority that keeps the property rates in balance. According to him, several authorities in India control the financial parameters for the benefit of common Indians. If there can be an authority with the sole purpose to regulate the price according to the annual income of a resident of Suchdev, then property rates can be controlled.

He also suggested incentivizing the creation of a local raw material industry for construction in the region. This will result in a lower transport cost which, in turn, will lower the property rates in the residential locality. This will also create employment for the locals.

Global Recession:

Since the pandemic, the prices of residential homes have risen. This is because the people have reassessed their priorities during recent lockdowns. The restrictions of social distancing and potential threats have made the city-centre flats less attractive, and people are opting for vacant spaces and open lots. This has created competition within the budding buyers, and as a result, the prices have plummeted to an all-time high. The inflation rates to the dollar have also increased as the economies in the world collapse to the SARS-COV-2 insurgence.

In England, the property rates were 10.2% higher than the earlier year and are the highest in the recent 14 years. Therefore, it is not only a crisis for the Indian real estate market, but the world is also affected due to the pandemic.

These severe complications in the world economy will require quarterly summits with the world leaders to give sound solutions with the help of the world’s best economists. As real estate is considered one of the pillars of a country's economy. If it inflates to a point where no buyer can afford it, they will eventually leave the country. Which results in brain-drain of the country and will result in qualified talent being transferred to the first world. With only less-adequate human capital available and senior citizens to be taken care of, the country is bound to collapse. That is the reason the regulation of real estate has importance for the world’s survival.

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