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Avinash Gupta in Sukhdev Vihar Flats Organized Diwali Mela

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Diwali and that too without any festivities! Not possible! With the upcoming occasion of Diwali, a Diwali Mela is being organized in Sukhdev Vihar by Avinash Gupta. This Diwali Mela will have various performances, stalls, shows, and talents that people can enjoy with their family and friends.

This time around, let’s aim towards a smoke-free and alcohol-free event. Since this is a Mela, families will be coming to enjoy it; we can make it as safe and pollution-free as we can by no drinking and no crackers! Since pollution has caused so many health problems already that we all should contribute and boycott plastic too.

Now, let's get to an overview of what we will see in this Diwali Mela organized by Avinash Gupta.

Cultural Display

So many cultures are seen living together in India that you are bound to find most of them in Diwali Mela! People from different cultures will come forward to portray their cultures beautifully. There will be a combination of all the cultures, and you can see everyone enjoying the occasion together. This is the beauty of Diwali that everyone comes forward and celebrates this magnificent occasion with their culture’s unique colors and styles! You can find many talents like wood-crafting, sculpture making, singing, dancing, pottery, etc.

Stage Performances

The Diwali Mela is going to host performances on a variety of things. You can find performances on songs with old, classic, as well as new songs. Music is a must as this Mela is organized by Avinash Gupta, who has a history with music and musical instruments! Not only because of him but also singing and dancing have been a part of Indian culture for as long as you can remember. No event, occasion, or function is completed without music in India!

You can even find new talents with people performing and showcasing their unique talents, like; parody, puppetry, acting, dancing, or any other talent they want to show. There is so much in Indian culture and history to look at that one day is not enough to know even a small part of it! There are going to be performances on acts like Ram Leela, Shakuntala, etc. You can see dance performances in beautiful Indian cultures like; Punjabi culture, Sindhi culture, Bengali culture, etc. There is just so much to explore, and you can find a sample of all that at Diwali Mela in Sukhdev Vihar.


Stalls will be put up in Sukhdev Vihar so that people can come and enjoy everything within the area. There are so many different things that are going to be there in the stalls. People can enjoy food with typical Indian snacks and delicacies. Other than the food, there is much more to see and experience. Like:

Dress Stalls

There are going to be shops and stalls for clothes. In the Sukhdev Vihar, the area will have many stalls for dresses of so many designs. People will be able to enjoy clothes of not only Indian culture but also of many other cultures too. People can enjoy the display of multi-cultured clothes with their friends and family in Diwali Mela in Sukhdev Vihar. If you find something to your liking, you can always buy it from there.

Henna Stalls

Who can forget Henna on this colorful occasion of Diwali! There are going to be stalls with talented henna artists. Girls can find unique and amazing designs to decorate their hands with henna at henna stalls. You can find books with hundreds of unique and beautiful henna styles, or you can also Google the design of your choice and get it done on your hands by the henna artists.

Spiritual Stalls

Besides these materialistic things, you can also see spiritual stalls with everything you may need during Diwali. You can find stalls for Pooja items along with candles and diyas, and much more. On this occasion of Diwali, wherever you look, you will find colors and an air of festivity. You can find light and flower stalls for your home decoration there in Diwali Mela in Sukhdev Vihar.

Food Stalls

India is known for its wide variety of street foods. Indians love them, and no occasion is complete without these snacks. As everyone has different tastes in food, there are various food stalls scattered in Sukhdev Vihar. These food stalls attract foodies to come and enjoy it with their friends and family. People can find Indian as well as other culture's foods too. There are sweets food stalls too. People can find vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian foods. Some stalls even have an area for proper dining for lunch and dinner too. Other than proper meals, people will find that there are more stalls for snacks because Indians just love street snacks. Moreover, they have created so many unique flavors and various snacks in India that it becomes hard to ignore them in favor of simple lunch and dinner! These occasions are the days when people just let go of their health for once and enjoy to the fullest!


Diwali can never be completed without fireworks! So, at the Diwali Mela, you can expect to see a firework display at the end of the day! To enjoy this beautiful display, you will have plenty of spots to sit and enjoy it! You can walk around the area and find the best spot to enjoy this colorful display of fireworks. Everyone enjoys this; kids, youngsters, adults, and older people. This display is the best way to end the beautiful occasion of Diwali.

So, this was an overview of the expected things and performances that you can enjoy in this Diwali Mela by Avinash Gupta. There are going to be many more surprises too that you will have to wait to find out!

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