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Career: Avinash Gupta from Sukhdev Vihar Flats

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Avinash Gupta is a well-known person in Sukhdev Vihar. He is respected a lot by the people because of his teaching. He is a very good professor and wants to accomplish more, so he carried on with the teaching profession, and later on, he achieved a chef certificate.

Avinash Gupta has volunteered his services to many events which happened in New Delhi and Sukhdev Vihar. He was well known for his teaching skills. He worked hard to achieve the status of being a professor. His way of teaching is enjoyed by students. Students take a keen interest in his class and answer every possible question.

After getting his degree in literature, Avinash Gupta applied as a professor in the best college in Delhi and got selected by the board of directors. He instantly joined the college because he wanted to earn money, and he loves to teach literature. Avinash Gupta became a literary professor who has taken several literature courses. His broad knowledge distinguishes him as a great teacher.

Because of his teaching abilities, students look forward to Avinash Gupta's lectures. His teaching methods were so effective that he received several teaching prizes. Because of his extensive literary knowledge, he has received numerous awards.

He began teaching after graduating from Delhi Institute of Technology, but after 8-9 years, he felt compelled to do more for himself. He also started to learn cooking so he can get the proper certification and open his restaurant in Sukhdev Vihar, where he can use his recipes.

Avinash Gupta began his career by taking modest steps, He is quite skilled, but he has always had the urge to do more, so he pushed even more. In the teaching profession, he also became a member of libraries and used his brilliant skills while delivering lectures. He used to teach different schools in Sukhdev Vihar for free so that no child is left behind. He used to give extra time to students so they can learn it effectively. He is still teaching in his own city Delhi, and after getting his Chef certification now, he is going to open his restaurant.


Naveen is a very hard-working person. His vast amount of literature knowledge helped in becoming a professor. Naveen got his master’s degree which helped in expanding his knowledge of literature. He went to many seminars and listened to them. Naveen conducted many literature activities to help students. His effort is remarkable, and he is proud of himself, as he faced many problems in his childhood.

Avinash Gupta was asked to teach at a lot of colleges and universities in New Delhi, but he stayed loyal to IT College. He has been providing his services for many years, and now he is in charge of the literature department. This was big news for him. Everyone calls him professor Naveen because of his personality and amazing teaching skills and techniques, which helped him generate a good amount of money.

Later on, Avinash Gupta put forth a lot of effort to look into various government schools initiatives. His abilities as a teacher gained him the respect he deserves. He has been given many literature projects by different schools and colleges in New Delhi. This is the only thing which he ever wanted to be, and it made him successful in his life. The constant struggle from his childhood helped him reach his goal. He is proud of himself for choosing the teaching profession.

Because of his word work and devotion towards literature, Naveen was appointed as the head of the department of literature. He was quite happy. He told his family and felt proud. He is instrumental in the development of many new literature initiatives. He saves money and time while providing the best teaching to his students. He is handling different literature programs and delivered many literature speeches without any error.

Naveen’s literature work has always been so error-free from the start because of his good focus and skills. Naveen also wanted to be a chef and open his restaurant, so he saved money, and with time, he took the opportunity to become a chef. He is a very positive person who had some goals. He is achieving them with patience and hard work. He achieved two main goals of his life that were to be a literature teacher and to open his restaurant.


Avinash Gupta’s career is broad. His achievements are more than you think. He has worked for college debating societies and different other competitions as a scholar. After this, he was selected as the president of the literature society in his college. In addition to the University of Delhi, he was elected to be the literature society secretary. There are many literature plans where Naveen has worked. His hard work and vast knowledge have helped him accomplish many debates and get the respect he deserves.

The career of Avinash Gupta mainly started as a clothes seller and to a teacher and a restaurant owner. He is still holding the position of researcher for literature at the University of Delhi. Naveen always wanted to make his food. That's why he did this diploma just to prove that he wanted to do this, and he finally did it. He opened his restaurant, and the good thing about it is the desi food.

He was immediately appointed as the literature head at the University of Delhi because of his strong interest and mindset to research. He had a strong interest in teaching and cooking. For his incredible achievements, he and his family are proud of him.

For some years now, Avinash Gupta is a lecturer at Hindu college In Delhi. Soon after he completed his degree, he came here. Then he completed his master's while teaching in this college. After completion, he went to become a professor of literature at Delhi University in New Delhi.

Avinash Gupta is serving as the president of many literary societies in New Delhi because of his good skills. He is the director of the literature department at Hindu College and the University of Delhi. He is also a member of the Delhi Book trust.

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