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Avinash Gupta Sukhdev Vihar Flats Organizes Free Medical Checkup Camp

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Avinash Gupta is a famous figure with the country's most civilian awards he has received for his services for the homeland. Naveen is a brilliant instructor. He has achieved numerous records in his successful tenure, which made people, especially youngsters, still remember him as an ideal influencer and role model.

Avinash Gupta was undoubtedly one of the most potential and genius men who have served India by volunteering his services to the country. His services are not only limited to science, but he also worked with political parties. His exceptional skills showed to the world when he got elected as a scientific advisor for the first time. And that was a time when he immediately became a famous figure with his extraordinary abilities and efforts for India.

Moreover, after some time, Avinash Gupta Sukhdev Vihar became a part of the well-known organization of India, where he worked as a key figure. He took many initiatives for the progress of the country and worked there as a senior project manager. Naveen is a literature person who also has taken numerous literature courses to explore more about authors and the realities of our society. This makes him a great instructor who teaches others about his life experience and struggles that one required in life.

Naveen's Career

Avinash started teaching when he got graduated from the Delhi Institute of Technology. Students always look forward to hearing Avinash Gupta’s lectures because of his exceptional teaching skill. He got several awards and achievements for his teaching skills too. Also, he has received many honorary awards because of his extensive knowledge of books and literature.

He started his career in literature and went on with it. He taught many students and will continue to do so. He is in love with the idea of educating young souls so that they can have a brighter future. He may not be famous, but his students love him. Everyone who knows him appreciates his gentle soul. He has become a well-established teacher after years of service.


Avinash Gupta loves to cook as well. He has an Instagram account where he shares his recipes. He wants to turn this passion into a profession and start his restaurant or cafe someday. This way, he will be doing the only thing he loves more than teaching, which is cooking. He loves his family and has many ambitions, which is why he tries his best to keep himself productive. He tries to make the most out of any situation he is in. Even at 31 years of age, Avinash Gupta is trying to fulfil his dreams with dedication.

Because of his hard work, Avinash Gupta should get everything he dreams of. His relentless work is one of his greatest qualities. He has impressed everyone with his love for teaching as well as cooking. His family loves him because of the sacrifices he has made for them.

Medical camp in Sukhdev Vihar

Avinash Gupta, Sukhdev Vihar, arranges a medical camp under civic action program in the area of Sukhdev Vihar. This initiative was an effort to help and reach out to the underprivileged sectors of the country to educate them on preventive health. With his other team members, he addresses residents about their necessary health needs, environmental efforts to make it clean, and much more.

In this medical camp, residents were given medical checkups, medical guidance, medical kits, and also address them about administered medicines for free of cost. He also addresses the residents with valuable words, mentioning that:

We might deploy for technological purposes, but we also want your health to stay in good shape. We must take care of people, especially underdeveloped areas, to get all the necessary health care and medical assistance. We strive to reach out to all the underprivileged people to assist them and work for a healthier lifestyle.

Furthermore, he also mentioned that they are there to help the nation with new technological upgrades and aim to look after welfare aspects so every person within the country can enjoy a good and healthy lifestyle.

Avinash Gupta, Sukhdev Vihar also had a team of doctors in the camp who thoroughly conducted the medical checkups of the people who were present there at that time. They checked their pulse, blood pressure, heartbeat, temperature, and much more. Also, if any patients have some medical illness history, doctors were instructed to treat them according to their medical progress and history.

The medical camp allowed attendees to buy free medicines for their treatments. A good number of people attended the camps and got benefited from them in different aspects. This is how Avinash Gupta, Sukhdev Vihar served the country with his efforts helped the nation in different sectors such as teaching, literature, organization, several governmental projects, and much more. His vast knowledge, instant efforts, and passion for his homeland make him famous that youngsters and oldsters know Avinash Gupta as a great personality or figure of India who played an important role in giving several achievements to the country.

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