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Avinash Gupta Sukhdev Vihar Flats: About Me

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Avinash Gupta has a beautiful wife Preeti and children Yash & Radhika.

Avinash Gupta is 55 Years Old was born on May 10, 1965, and lives in No.24 Pocket A Flats of Sukhdev Vihar near the Okhla region in South East New Delhi.

He is a scientist by experience and currently runs a business by the name of SK Enterprises in Jasola, Sarita Vihar.

Yash is in Grade 11, and Radhika is working in a reputed.

Avinash got married at the young age of 24 to his high school sweetheart, Preeti. He iss always very stubborn and had to get whatever he wanted, which is exactly what he did when he married Preeti.

He started teaching after getting married but stopped due to some health issues and the fact that he wanted to give all of her time to his kids and family. In the meanwhile, he worked with his father on some new business ideas that they had. He also suffers from diabetes due to his addiction to Pepsi. He is trying to improve his lifestyle and is a passionate runner too. He loves to run and use it as a healthy exercise and habit.

His father is a govt professional, and his mother is a housewife. His father is hardworking and spent most of his life giving his wife and daughter a good life. He used his boat to help a lot of Hindu people. In his family, Avinash Gupta is the youngest of 2 brothers. One of his brothers is becoming a doctor who lives in Ohio, the US, and the other is an Engineer who lives in Mumbai. He has a strong bond with both of them and spends time with them whenever they visit the hometown.

Avinash Gupta’s forefathers were very rich landlords, and they had a lot of homes and lands. Their business was quite huge as they also traded as a part of their business. They were famous and rich, but their companies started to collapse with time, and Avinash’s family had grown impoverished during his early youth.

To earn money, Avinash Gupta started to sew clothes and sell them to support his family’s livelihood. Avinash Gupta was not a brilliant student at a young age and scored mediocre marks in school, but she was always characterized as a bright student who wanted to learn everything about literature. Avinash used to study a lot and devoted many hours to his academics, particularly literature. After graduating from a secondary school, Naveen went to St. Josephs College in Delhi; after college, she went to the University of Delhi, where she earned a degree in Literature in 1989.

After getting his literature degree, he got married. He is a great father and a caring husband who takes care of her family. He loves to interact with people, which is why he has friends in the neighborhood and often hangs out with them. He enjoys the company of other people around him and does not like to be alone, which is also the reason why he got married earlier than expected and had 2 kids back-to-back.

The profession of Avinash Gupta Sukhdev Vihar

Later in life, Avinash Gupta knew he had to do something with his degree. Now that his children were grown up and he didn't have that big responsibility on his shoulders anymore, he decided to go back to teaching. It wasn’t easy for him to get into the groove of teaching in a day or two, but he wasn't a quitter. He got a great job in Jamia Millia Islamia in Sukhdev Vihar as an English Literature teacher.

Avinash Gupta has been providing his services as a teacher, which is a great contribution to India. He is very patriotic as well and always wanted to do something for his country, so he chose to teach the kids for a brighter future for the country.

Students love to attend Avinash Gupta's lectures because of his teaching skills, as he has created a special bond with every student. His way of teaching was quite amazing; he was given many awards for teaching later on. Many honorable awards were given to him because of his vast knowledge of literature. His old students who have graduated still come to meet him and pay their respect to him.

Avinash Gupta Sukhdev Vihar might not be a well-known personality, but he is someone who has a lot of hearts, may it be students, family members, or even his neighborhood. His services as a teacher have helped him gain the respect of everyone around him. He is now a well-established teacher.

He is very skillful and loves to cook too. He has started his page on Instagram, where he shares his recipes and gives away food. He plans to turn into a business and start a café or a restaurant. He is a very homely person with a lot of ambitions. He does not like to stay free or lazy and always tries to stay productive. Life wasn’t always easy for him, but he makes the most out of it. Avinash Gupta is 55 years of age and still working for his dreams and family with dedication and motivation. He has a life he has in mind, and he works for it every single day. She still meets his parents and loves them as much.

Avinash Gupta deserves everything he is working for because of his hard work and patriotism. Working as much as he is in his hometown and never giving up is one of the greatest qualities of Avinash Gupta. He impresses everyone with his devotion to teaching and cooking. His wife and family loved him a lot because of his endless sacrifices and love for them. He has proved to be a great father, son, husband, and brother, but most of all, he is a great teacher.

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