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Avinash Gupta on Sukhdev Vihar Flats: Views

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Avinash Gupta had a few perspectives about the Sukhdev Vihar Flats. He told all the features and facilities available in this colony. Sukhdev Vihar Colony is located in South Delhi, India. He told us that Hindi is the local language of Sukhdev Vihar. The political parties there encompass Bhartiya Janata Party, BJP, AAP. These are the major political parties in Sukhdev Vihar.

Views About Sukhdev Vihar from All Aspects:

Avinash Gupta shared his views about the Sukhdev Vihar colony. He tells about all the facilities provided by this colony. Avinash Gupta said that it is a posh area; mostly high-class people live here. He additionally stated that this society has all the basic requirements of a person. This region has terrific street connectivity. He also said that every place is easily accessible from this society. It is mainly inhabited by army officers, lawyers, doctors, etc.

Bus Stops In Sukhdev Vihar:

There are numerous bus stops to consider in Sukhdev Vihar. It has all the facilities that a city must have. Individuals can undoubtedly go to various places by bus. The main bus stops in Sukhdev Vihar include JamiaMiliaIslamia University Bus stop, Sukhdev Vihar bus stop. They are very best for people to stay while the bus shows up. Avinash Gupta said that we always found them safe and crowded with people. It is an easy place to wait for the bus in a decent climate.

ATMs in Sukhdev Vihar:

For the withdrawal of cash, people require an ATM. Avinash Gupta describes Sukhdev Vihar that it includes many ATMs at numerous places. People can find it very smooth to withdraw money from them. According to the banks, the variety of ATMs is more. Indian Bank ATM, HDFC Bank ATM, and Central Bank of India ATM are some of the principal Banks offering ATM services. Avinash Gupta says that it provides very ease to the people residing there.

Cinema Theaters in Sukhdev Vihar:

Cinema theatres amuse the people in Sukhdev Vihar. It is the locality where all the necessities of day-by-day existence are available. People who want to enjoy their life can go to cinema theatres to watch movies. Avinash Gupta says that it has quality cinema theatres that provide amusement and fun to the spectators. There are many cinema theatres near Sukhdev Vihar that is south of Delhi.

Temples in Sukhdev Vihar:

As Hindi is a local language and many Hindus reside in Sukhdev Vihar. There are many temples for their worship. They could visit any temple in Sukhdev Vihar. This is because it provides diverse and secure temples for people. Top temples consistent with their features include Hindu temple, Johri farm Temple, Arya SamajMandir, Lakshmi Narayan Mandir, etc. Avinash Gupta is providing all the information about Sukhdev Vihar. These records are valuable for the folks who want to worship and can't find any right vicinity for them.

Mosques in Sukhdev Vihar:

People of every religion reside in Sukhdev Vihar. All the people have religious rights. So Muslims can also worship there. Avinash Gupta says that there are mosques too in Sukhdev Vihar Colony. The main mosque for the worship of Muslims includes SRK Masjid, Jamia Millia Islamia Central mosque, Masjid Huda, etc. These are the top mosques belt in Sukhdev Vihar. It simply shows that this locality is not just restrained to one religion or faith. A variety of people stay here irrespective of color, creed, or race.

Hotels in Sukhdev Vihar:

People from diverse parts of India can come here and live in different hotels and lodges. Avinash Gupta says that this colony offers fantastic hotels and luxurious Lodges to the people coming there. Shaniqua hotel, guest house Apollo, Treebo Amber, and boys hostel are the places where people can stay and enjoy their days. The offerings are flexible and give you an amazing experience of staying at any place in Sukhdev Vihar.

Restaurants in Sukhdev Vihar:

Restaurants are a place where people can go and revel in the right foods. Avinash Gupta has good perspectives about the restaurants in Sukhdev Vihar. He says that the restaurant there provides pleasant meals in town. Their customer service and dining service both are perfect. Top-known restaurants in Sukhdev Vihar include Gupta restaurant, Mezbaan restaurant, Falcon commercials, Mughal Foods, etc. Avinash Gupta says that they are really worth trying. People must give a try to the food variety there.

Hospitals in Sukhdev Vihar:

Avinash Gupta says that hospitals are the basic need of any colony. People who get injured or afflicted by any disorder should visit the hospital as soon as possible. So there ought to be hospitals at every corner of the city. Sukhdev Vihar Colony has numerous hospitals that provide instant services. The regarded hospitals that care for the patients with their immediate services are Dr. Surendra Nath Khanna hospital, Holy Family Hospital, Dr. Anirudh Kaushik Hospital, Dr. Shashank Jain Hospital, etc. People should know about these places and might go there for any healthcare.

Schools in Sukhdev Vihar:

Avinash Gupta says that there are many schools present in Sukhdev Vihar Colony. The literacy rate is likewise right in this area. Many children go to school daily. There are many schools present in the Sukhdev Colony. North East network School, Little Flower School, Samaj Modern School, and Saint girls school are some of the famous schools to consider while admitting your child there. Avinash Gupta says that every child should get an education. So try these schools available in Sukhdev Vihar.

Colleges in Sukhdev Vihar:

Avinash Gupta gives approximate facts about the colleges present in Sukhdev Vihar. He says that intermediate education can be taken from these colleges. Avinash Gupta also told the names of the top colleges that include Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Jamia Millia Islamia College, Social Work JamiaMilia college, etc. Every student can gain knowledge and be expertise through these colleges present in Sukhdev Vihar.

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