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Avinash Gupta in Sukhdev Vihar Flats hosted a Janmashtami function

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Avinash Gupta Hosted a Janmashtami Function in Sukhdev Vihar that is part of his great works for the people there with social distancing amid the coronavirus epidemic. In the past, good works were done by Avinash Gupta in Sukhdev Vihar. Avinash Gupta was born on December 10, 1960, at Sukhdev Vihar near the Okhla region in South East New Delhi and has stayed there since. He has become the biggest inspiration for the people there.

Avinash Gupta in memory of the Janmashtami festival at Sukhdev Vihar in New Delhi organized a function. The function was organized by the invitation of Avinash Gupta, who has been providing his services as a teacher, which is a great contribution to India. He is very patriotic as well and always wanted to do something for his country, so he chose to teach the kids for a brighter future for the country.

Avinash Gupta is now serving as the president of many literary societies in New Delhi because of his good skills. He is the director of the literature department at Hindu College and the University of Delhi. He is also a member of the Delhi Book trust. Avinash Gupta deserves everything he is working for because of his hard work and patriotism. Working as much as he is in his hometown Sukhdev Vihar and never giving up is one of the greatest qualities of Avinash Gupta.

In Hinduism, the birthday of Lord Krishna is like a celebration. There is a tradition of celebrating the birth of Bal Gopal with pomp and ceremony. Shri Krishna Janmashtami is widely known not only in India but also abroad. People start preparing for it well in advance. According to mythological beliefs, on the Ashtami of Krishna Paksha of Bhadrapada Lord Krishna was born.

The festival of Shri Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated with great pomp in Sukhdev Vihar that was hosted by Avinash Gupta. On that day, Lord Krishna's child from Laddu Gopal was worshipped and A fast was also observed on this day. Krishna Janmashtami celebrated this coincidence.

The devotees of Shri Krishna Janmashtami in Sukhdev Vihar eagerly waited for that day. This festival is celebrated every year with great pomp because on this day the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna is celebrated.

This year's Janmashtami Function in Sukhdev Vihar is hosted by Avinash Gupta because this festival is celebrated in different ways in all the states of the country. On the day of Janmashtami, from children to old people, everyone observed a fast throughout the day in the joy of the birth of their beloved and praised the glory of Krishna. At the same time, tableaux were taken out in the temples of Sukhdev Vihar.

Human pyramids were formed where people climbed on top of each other to reach the pot that was kept hanging from above. This pot had butter and curd with dry fruits and also honey. This was done as an enactment of Krishna's childhood when he stole butter from people's homes. Apart from the performances and celebrations that happened in Sukhdev Vihar was also a noted town where Krishna is said to have spent his childhood joyfully playing and stealing butter from people and also their love and affection.

Amidst the many celebrations in Sukhdev Vihar, another main event is the offering of Chappan Bhog which consists of 56 dishes which was later distributed among devotees. This offering was made after Bal Krishna's idol was bathed. Janmashtami celebrations also included the practice of Raas Leela. Raas Leela or the Dance of Divine Love is part of the story of Krishna.

Devotees washed and placed the statues of baby Krishna for worship because it is a part of the ritual. Devotees then broke their fast and shared food and sweets in Sukhdev Vihar by Avinash Gupta. Janmashtami ( The birth of Lord Krishna ) was celebrated with devotion and enthusiasm throughout the Sukhdev Vihar. Participation was also made by the devotees in Dahi Handi celebrations, organizing the different rituals in temples of Sukhdev Vihar in which Lord Krishna was welcomed just like every year, and more.

Various colorful clothes, sweets, and food were also distributed to the people of Sukhdev Vihar by Avinash Gupta with his own hands on the function of Janmashtami. Avinash Gupta organized a religious program in the vegetable market Kadian, in which tableaux of Shri Krishna Sudama were presented and hymns were sung. Avinash Gupta congratulated the devotees on Janmashtami and announced that he would give 51 thousand rupees to the temple committee.

On a Janmashtami function in Sukhdev Vihar. Avinash Gupta said, "I did this because I wanted to thank the people of my hometown for their love and support". Avinash Gupta has been doing a great job by helping the poor people in his hometown without any reward and this is what the public wants from another celebrity too.

There are very few people who take their place in the hearts of people and Avinash Gupta is one of them. He has contributed and helped the people of Sukhdev Vihar and other regions of India in the past many times that's why he has also been awarded the 'Civilian award'.

However, the year was quite different from the rest of the years. Due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus Pandemic, people needed to be more careful and because of this people could not celebrate Janmashtami in a normal way like every year.


The Janmashtami function was celebrated with great devotion by the people of Sukhdev Vihar hosted by Avinash Gupta. People were gathered during the day and worshiped the idol, enact, played, and sung a song to celebrate the festival. By observing a fast and singing devotional songs for him as the clock strikes twelve.

Keeping in mind the corona infection, Avinash Gupta has made special arrangements for the devotees of the Sukhdev Vihar. It was attended by hundreds of devotees and they all had a great time. They made an idol of Lord Krishna and decorated it with flowers, fruits, and other items.

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