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Avinash Gupta Donates Oxygen Concentrators by in Sukhdev Vihar Flats

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

The crisis of oxygen remains constant amid the outcry across the country due to the coronavirus epidemic. There is a shortage of oxygen in hospitals in many parts of the country, including Sukhdev Vihar, Delhi. On the one hand, while severe patients of Covid-19 are not getting oxygen in hospitals, on the other hand, oxygen concentrators are not being provided to the corona infected who are undergoing treatment at home.

An oxygen concentrator is a machine that separates oxygen from the air. The oxygen concentrator supplies pure oxygen by separating other gases from the air and taking it inside.

Despite a lot of efforts, the crisis of lack of oxygen does not seem to be averted at the moment. At present, you must have heard a lot of discussion about Oxygen Concentrator, and you must be trying to know about it. So today, we will discuss Avinash Gupta's donation of oxygen concentrators in Sukhdev Vihar.

As you all know, the second wave of Coronavirus COVID-19 has been spread all over the world, and Ingenious residents from all walks of life have developed networks of support for, who are suffering from the Covid-19 the most. Avinash Gupta is part of a heightening number of societies that follow their words and contribute to assisting those in need.

Avinash Gupta Donated oxygen Concentrators In Sukhdev Vihar:

Avinash Gupta puts up in Sukhdev Vihar near the Okhla region in South East New Delhi. He is a great personality who helps the people of India in every situation. He again helped the people battling the Covid-19 pandemic and sent oxygen concentrators to the respective centers in Sukhdev Vihar. A new consignment of oxygen concentrators is being sent to covid centers with prayers for everyone's speedy recovery. Avinash Gupta said on social media that together we could win the war against this epidemic.

He also said that I always look for ways to help people. I decided to donate oxygen concentrators to rural parts, including Sukhdev Vihar in India, where I think the medical infrastructure needs more support. I understand that it is difficult, but I want to show gratitude and support and let everyone know that we pray for them.

In the past, Avinash Gupta provided many services to India and played an important part in the technology and economy of India.

The Need of Oxygen Concentrators In Sukhdev Vihar:

Recently, Due to the increase in prices of oxygen concentrators, many people can't buy it themselves, but they need it because it proves to be very helpful to cure the falling oxygen level. A motor is provided in the oxygen concentrator, with the help of which it receives air from the room and sends it forward through its filter. It then heats the air and eliminates nitrogen. The oxygen compresses, then passes through the clear water, and is finally available for breathing. An oxygen concentrator does not make oxygen. It only cleans it and sends it.

That is the reason that Avinash Gupta donated many oxygens concentrators in Sukhdev Vihar, Delhi. So, the people there get enough services to cope with Covid-19 or help the public because they're dealing with the extremely dangerous virus Covid-19. He has much concern for this area because he too belongs to this place.

After all, the second wave of coronavirus has created a ruckus in the Sukhdev Vihar, Delhi. There is a huge shortage of medical oxygen cylinders in the country. Thousands of people have lost their lives due to a lack of oxygen. In such a situation, many alternatives are also being explored for oxygen concentrators.

Avinash Gupta is as famous for her social media posts and acting as big as her heart. He had proved this thing again, especially when patients were dying in hospitals. The doctors and paramedical staff in government or private hospitals were helpless. Everyone was just in a hurry so that they could get oxygen by whatever means. It can be said that the oxygen cylinders have exposed the Indian medical system and all the big government claims. Today, the situation may have settled down to some extent, but the scary picture that we have seen is still terrifying.

Efforts are in full swing to get oxygen to the people of the country. The government is trying to make such arrangements that people should never die due to lack of medical oxygen. It is not that only the government is making efforts in this direction; celebrities are also with the government in this campaign. Mention has been made of celebrities providing help given oxygen; then we will mention people like Avinash Gupta, who lit a lamp of hope with their efforts and told the world that good people and goodness are still alive.

It can be said that this effort of Avinash Gupta in Sukhdev Vihar is an inspiration for those hospitals that cried due to lack of oxygen and which became the reason for the death of many innocent people. All those hospitals which are still returning the patients coming here under the guise of lack of oxygen should learn from Avinash Gupta and start trying to set up an oxygen plant in their place.

This is not the first time that Avinash Gupta has done any such work; even before this, he has done many things and provided many remarkable contributions or services to his country India.


However, as a humanitarian gesture in these critical testing times, Avinash Gupta donated the oxygen concentrators to be used in fight against COVID-19 wave in Sukhdev Vihar when a lot of people are facing problem due to lack of oxygen. He has always come forward extend the support and help the people of Sukhdev Vihar and across India in any time of crisis. In addition, Avinash Gupta said, "He will donate more oxygen concentrators to help the people all around India."

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